Engaging more international students for M.A. in Responsible Management

Steinbeis University Berlin – Institute Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM) aims at reaching to more individuals internationally for its Master’s Program M.A. in Responsible Management

Master of Arts Posters

GIG provides ICRM with analysis and implementation services ranging from Scanning to Promoting.


Analysis of current students’ country-background

Analysis of countries / regions for further promotion

Analysis of most effective promotional channels

Analysis of possibilities for localization of promotional activities

Analysis of most-fitting means for promotional activities (e.g. local/international study portals)


Overall internationalization strategy based on analysis

An update-plan for the website towards further internationalization

A work-plan for the local assisting agents for local promotional activities

A budget-plan indicating the human and promotional costs


Selection of most-fitting local assisting agents for local promotional activities


Coordination of local assisting agents for translation and promotion activities

SEO in various languages

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