Work-life-balance usually has another connotation for early-career entrepreneurs for whom work has become part of their everyday life and passion. Even when on vacation, many entrepreneurs keep on being on and working. Discussable how good it might or might not be, this lifestyle has brought about a new travelling concept, co-working holiday.


You travel, meet like-minded people and work together!

Through co-working holiday, you not only enjoy visiting and exploring a new place and culture. It is well-known by entrepreneurs and innovators that changing the work location from time to time contribute to level of creativity and productivity. In a new location, equipped with tools and devices you might need for your work (as simple as fast and free Wi-Fi), you also get the chance to meet entrepreneurs from around the world and build useful connections.

There are companies which organize such co-working holidays with various approaches. Check out, for instance, Hacker Paradise, which offers co-working holiday packages in diverse locations ranging from Bali to Tokyo throughout the year. Another example is Coworking Holidays, which offers a co-working space near Girona-Costa Brava Airport, which is easily reachable from several cities in Spain.

For us, GIG experts and entrepreneurs, the attraction of this new travelling phenomenon lays not only in the joy of simultaneous global-hopping and working, but also in the business idea for (bringing and) implementing it in Berlin, which has a booming start-up and co-working scene, or in any other GIG Hubs’ locations.

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